A fun CLI tool for getting the best boilerplate repos from github
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$ cnpm install @samie820/boiler 
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A CLI tool for cloning the top rated repos, please i really that if you have any ideas to add to the project feel free to make a PR

First, we just wanted an app that does one specific task, which is to download the best repo from github. So, please if you have additional functionalities or features that you think will be useful or awesome, submit a pull request at the repo. I would really love this project to become a community.

Run npm install -g @samie820/boiler to install boiler globally on your system

then, run boiler list, this will ask you some questions which include the search query.

Warning: Make sure to run the boiler list command first so as to know the number which you would use in the next command

Then,run boiler start which will ask you for some other queries, including the number of the repo you want to clone as indicated in the previous command.

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