Textmate grammar for Apex with outputs for VSCode, Atom and TextMate.
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$ cnpm install @salesforce/apex-tmlanguage 
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Salesforce Apex Language Grammar



This repository contains the source code for generating the language grammar files for Salesforce's Apex.


Development and setup of this project has not been tested for Windows OS. You may see a node-gyp error - follow the instrutions here to resolve it.


To build and test install Node.js do the following:

  • Run npm install to install any dependencies.
  • Run gulp to build and run tests.

Output grammars are output in the grammars\ dirctory.

Adding grammar rules

Token structure is based off of Textmate's Language Grammar guidelines

Supported outputs

  • grammars\apex.tmLanguage.cson - for Atom
  • grammars\apex.tmLanguage - TextMate grammar (XML plist)


Tags on this repo get automatically published as a GitHub release and an NPM package through Travis CI.


This repository was copied from https://github.com/dotnet/csharp-tmLanguage

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