This repository contains useful [`jscodeshift`](jscodeshift) tranformation scripts.
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This repository contains useful jscodeshift tranformation scripts.

## Usage

To use a transformation, you need to call the CLI and pass as a first parameter the name of the transformation you want to perform:

sui-codemod [transformation]

For example, for using the contextByProps transformation, you need to execute the next command:

sui-codemod contextByProps

CLI Options

-d, --dry: Don't apply changs but logs which changes will be mades -p <pattern>, --path <pattern>: Root path to locate the component

Transformations avaiable


Move from old React context API to the new one, moving context to props and separating the component in two files: one index.js with the Context.consumer wrapped and another component.js with the component using the context from props.

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