Rocket.Chat's Hubot for GitLab Integration
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$ cnpm install @rocket.chat/hubot-gitsy 
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Gitsy is Rocket.Chat's Hubot for GitLab Integration

Gitsy can perform the following (and you can extend Gitsy readily by modifying its scripts):

  • list all projects accessible
  • get all the PRs for a project
  • get a specific PR for a project
  • get all the open issues for a project
  • get a specific issue for a project
  • get the snippets for a project
  • view a specific snippet for a project
  • announce when events occurs with a monitored project (such as creation or modification of PR, issue, branch, comment, and so on)


For this script to take effect, you must first have your hubot environment up and running, then install Gitsy with:

npm install --save @rocket.chat/hubot-gitsy

Next, you must edit the external-scripts.json file to load Gitsy:


You will also need to configure Gitsy for your GitLab projects.


You can configure Gitsy via environment variables.



The GitLab host that Gitsy will connect to. It can be your own Community Edition server, or your projects on gitlab.com:

For example:



The API key to allow Gitsy to access a GitLab account. Obtain an API key from your GitLab account. If you are an administrator, you can get an API key for the entire server, with visibility to all projects; as a user, your API key can only access your own project(s).

For example:


##OTHER Required ENV variables

Gitsy handles incoming webhook events using the excellent hubot-gitlab-hooks npm module. You must configure the additional ENV variables required by this module for the webhook handling to operate correctly.


You can learn about the commands available by asking Gitsy for an introduction.

Note that you must use the name you gave to your bot (assumed to be hubot here):

hubot intro gitsy

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