A RNS interface module built on NodeJS.
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$ cnpm install @rnsdomains/rns-sdk-js 
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Implementations for local resolvers for the RSK Name Service, available for Node.js backends.


To run unit tests, clone this repository.

Install Ganache-cli for a local blockchain

$ npm install -g ganache-cli
$ ganache-cli

Finally opan another terminal and run

$ npm install
$ npm test

Usage and Getting Started

In a Javascript project:

$ npm install rns-sdk-js

In a JavaScript file:

// import RNS's Resolver SDK object.
var Resolver = require('rns-sdk-js');
resolver = new Resolver(web3.currentProvider, resolverAddress, resolverABI);

Functions that require communicating with the node return promises, rather than using callbacks. A promise has a then function, which takes a callback and will call it when the promise is fulfilled; then returns another promise, so you can chain callbacks.



Implementation of the RNS Registry, the central contract used to look up resolvers and owners for domains.


Simple resolver implementation that allows the owner of any domain to configure how its name should resolve. One deployment of this contract allows any number of people to use it, by setting it as their resolver in the registry.


For more information, see RNS Docs.


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