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$ cnpm install @quasar/quasar-app-extension-obyte 
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This is an extension aimed to ease the interactions with the Obyte blockchain using the library obytejs.


quasar ext add @quasar/obyte

Quasar CLI will retrieve it from NPM and install the extension.

Environment variables

This extension uses 2 environment variables. You can set either


for the main net

or, for the test net


Notice the quotes, don't forget them.


quasar ext remove @quasar/obyte


There is a demo located at test/app. To run it:

$ git clone git@github.com:quasarframework/app-extension-obyte.git
$ cd test/app
$ yarn
$ quasar dev


The obyte client is now available as a Vue prototype. Also, we have included the utility library bitcore-mnemonic, which is a Class constructor. See the following example (from the demo) to see how you can use them together.

import { toWif, getChash160 } from 'obyte/lib/utils'
export default {
  methods: {
    async loadWitnesses () {
      this.witnesses = ['loading']
      this.witnesses = await this.$obyte.api.getWitnesses()
    generateNewAddress () {
      this.loading = true
      this.mnemonic = new this.$Mnemonic()
      while (!this.$Mnemonic.isValid(this.mnemonic.toString())) {
        this.mnemonic = new this.$Mnemonic()
      const xPrivKey = this.mnemonic.toHDPrivateKey()
      const { privateKey } = xPrivKey.derive(path)
      const privKeyBuf = privateKey.bn.toBuffer({ size: 32 })
      const wif = toWif(privKeyBuf, testnet)
      const pubkey = privateKey.publicKey.toBuffer().toString('base64')
      const definition = ['sig', { pubkey }]
      const address = getChash160(definition)

      this.addressInformation = `
        \nSeed:\n ${this.mnemonic.phrase}
        \nPath:\n ${path}
        \nWIF:\n ${wif}
        \nPublic key:\n ${pubkey}
        \nAddress:\n ${address}



If you appreciate the work that went into this App Extension, please consider donating to Quasar.


Thanks to the Obyte Foundation for providing a grant in the context of the FirstByte Project to aid the development of both this App Extension and the underlying technologies. https://obyte.org/


(c) 2019 - Daniel Thompson-Yvetot, Razvan Stoenescu and Contributors


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