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$ cnpm install @purfect/syntax 
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Purfect syntax

Use linting tools which helps to get consistent code through different react projects. If you use postcss in your project, this will also help you lint your style files

The problem

Getting all the best practices in one place and updating them throught the projects is really painful

The solution

This library allows to reuse it easily without any configuration

How to start?

  1. npm install --save @purfect/syntax or yarn add @purfect/syntax
  2. In your project's package.json add these scripts
"scripts": {
  "check": "purfect-syntax check",
  "check:code": "purfect-syntax check:code",
  "check:style": "purfect-syntax check:style"


Command Feature
purfect-syntax check Checks both code and style files
purfect-syntax check:code Checks only code files
purfect-syntax check:style Checks only style files
purfect-syntax commit-hook Allows to run checks against specified file paths. Should be used in conjunction with husky (see below) or similar pre-commit hook manager

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