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$ cnpm install @prometheusresearch/webtest 
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Webtest is an opinionated Webpack based test runner.

It has opinions on the following topics:

  • You use Webpack
  • You use Jasmine test framework (this opinion can be lifted easily, send a PR if you want to add support for mocha, ...)


% npm install @prometheusresearch/webtest


Basic usage is as simple as:

% webtest .

which will try to find tests using **/__tests__/*-test.js glob pattern and execute them within the PhantomJS headless browser.

To re-run tests on source code changes supply --watch parameter:

% webtest --watch .

To run tests in regular browser jsut visit http://localhost:3000 while this command is executing.

Custom test discovery

You can specify desired test suites by listsing them as arguments:

% webtest ./lib/__tests__/Value-test.js

Another way is to use a glob pattern:

% webtest ./lib/**/*-test.js

Webpack configuration

Webtest looks for webpack.config.js file in the current directory and will use it for building w test bundle if it is available. You can use --config parameter to specify alternative Webpack configuration:

% webtest --config webpack.config.test.js ...

You can put Webtest entry configuration in webtest.entry key of a Webpack configuration:

module.exports = {

  // ... other Webpack configuration

  webtest: {
    entry: [



You can execute webtest --help command to see a reference documentation on all available webtest parameters:

% webtest --help
Usage: webtest [entry]... [options]

entry     Glob patterns to discover test cases  [$PWD/**/__tests__/*-test.js]

  -r, --runtime   Runtime to execute tests in  [phantomjs]
  -c, --config    Webpack configuration  [$PWD/webpack.config.js]
  --context       Context  [$PWD]
  -p, --port      Port  [3000]
  --watch         Watch for changes and re-run tests
  --discover      Glob patter to discover tests  [**/__tests__/*-test.js]
  --version       Print version and exit

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