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To get started, we recommend installing Snoopy with yarn add --dev @prodo-ai/snoopy or npm install --save-dev @prodo-ai/snoopy. Then you can run:

$ ./node_modules/.bin/snoopy

Alternatively, you can simply run this inside your project's root or source directory, but it might be slower:

$ npx @prodo-ai/snoopy

To interact with the UI, go to localhost:3042/ (or a different port that the CLI will notify you about if this one is busy).


Snoopy will detect most exported components automatically. If you find any that are missing, add // @snoopy above the export line to display/preview/visualize it (and let us know so we can detect it in the future). If you want Snoopy to ignore your component, put the // @snoopy:ignore tag above the export line.

For pure components, you don't need to do anything else. If your component requires props to be passed in, you will need to define examples.

Examples are defined in a separate examples/ directory at the root of your project (where your package.json file is). All source files in this directory are searched, but the convention is to name the file Component.example.jsx). The default export of this file is the component that the examples are for. All other named exports are examples that will be displayed in the UI.

Here is a simple example:

// src/components/Counter.tsx
import React from "react";

export default ({count}) => <p>{count}</p>;
// examples/Counter.example.jsx
import Counter from "../src/components/Counter";

export default Counter;

export const count0 = <Counter count={0} />;
count0.title = "Count is 0";

export const count10 = <Counter count={10} />;
count10.title = "Count is 10";

You can also use Snoopy with TypeScript.

Styles & Themes

If you use the styled-components ThemeProvider, you can also annotate your exported themes with // @snoopy:theme to visualize your components in different themes.

If you want to include any application-level CSS files, just put a /* @snoopy:styles */ comment anywhere inside the file, and they will be applied to all your examples.

What is and isn't supported yet

We support many libraries and use cases, including:

  • styled components with themes
  • react-router
  • hooks

Here's a list of things we don't support yet, most of which are on the roadmap:

  • Redux
  • React Context
  • react-modal
  • chroma.js (due to a chroma issue with parcel)
  • some CSS attributes (for example absolute positioning)

There are a couple of cases where you may want to tweak something in your code to get it fully working in Snoopy.

  • Images should render in Snoopy, but if yours isn't, check how it's imported. If you're using import * as image from ... syntax, try replacing it with import image from ....
  • If you're seeing duplication, make sure you're not unintentionally running Snoopy on your build files.


Here is a basic example of a Counter project set up for testing with Snoopy. In it, we test the following components: App, Button and Counter.

We also test Snoopy with Snoopy, so you can check our source code directly.


We'd love your feedback! You can reach us at hello@prodo.ai.

You can also talk to us directly on Spectrum.

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