A card layout with built in company logo img support, edit button, and set title and subtitle fonts
$ cnpm install @procore/labs-card-layout 
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Card Layout

A Card Layout API, which has built in predefined padding, and various child components available for consumption including, company logo, edit button, title, subtitle, and content components.


yarn add @procore/labs-card-layout


import * as CardLayout from '@procore/labs-card-layout'

const MyComponent = () => (
      <CardLayout.Logo url="https://www.procore.com/logo" />
        <CardLayout.Title>Allen Construction</CardLayout.Title>
        onClick={() => alert('clicked')}
        tooltip="Edit Profile"
      Location for content to go. Pass any component to me.


<Container />

props type
children reactNode
className string

<Body />

props type
children reactNode
className string

<Header />

props type
children reactNode
action reactNode
status reactNode

<TitleContainer />

props type
children reactNode

<Title />

props type
children reactNode
className string

<SubTitle />

props type
children reactNode

<Edit />

props type
label string
canEdit boolean
onClick function
tooltip string
tooltipPlacement string

<Logo />

props type
url string


yarn test


@procore/core-react and react are listed as external peer dependencies. The package will not bundle the code, and requires the app client to provide it as a dependency. The external peer dep is to assure React Context is consistent in a client's React tree, the child consumers can reference the correct parent provider. If the package uses latest features or bug fixes and a new minimum version of core-react is required, it should be considered a breaking change as the peer dependency version must be met.

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