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$ cnpm install @popcodeorg/eslint-import-resolver-jest 
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"I like my testutils where I can see 'em" ????????鈥嶁檧锔


If you're using jest and you have installed custom name mappings in your config via the moduleNameMapper config and you're using the wonderful eslint-plugin-import you might get yelled at by eslint:


(I oftentimes create an alias for the helpers I use for testing)

Let's fix this!

yarn add eslint-import-resolver-jest -D


npm i eslint-import-resolver-jest -D

If you are using the package.json config option from jest everything should _just work_鈩.

If you are using a separate config file for jest using the --config option you have to point this plugin to it, too (in your .eslintrc):

"settings": {
  "import/resolver": {
    "jest": {
      "jestConfigFile": "./jest.conf.json"

That's it!


It will only resolve the modules in your test files that you specified via testRegex or testMatch in your jest config.


Create issues in this repo or get active yourself:

yarn test # npm test works, too



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