Bundling text files to one bundled file.
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Bundles all SCSS imports into a single file recursively.

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Get started

If you want to use scss-bundle globally

$ npm install scss-bundle -g

Latest dev build is published under canary tag.

$ npm install scss-bundle@canary

To start using the tool, create a config file and run command:

$ scss-bundle

It will bundle all scss files in specified outFile location.

CLI Usage

$ scss-bundle -h


Config file properties can be overridden with CLI flags.

CLI Flag Bundler options Type Description Values Default
-c, --config <path> string Configuration file location.
-p, --project <path> project string Project location where node_modules is located.
-e, --entryFile <path> * entryFile * string Bundle entry file location.
-o, --outFile <path> * outFile * string Bundle output location.
--rootDir <path> rootDir string Specifies the root directory of input files.
-w, --watch [boolean] watch boolean Watch files for changes. Works with rootDir.
--ignoreImports <list> ignoreImports string[] Ignore resolving import content by matching a regular expression.
--includePaths <list> includePaths string[] Include paths for resolving imports.
--dedupeGlobs <list> dedupeGlobs string[] Files that will be emitted in a bundle once.
--logLevel <level> logLevel string Console log level. silent, error, warning, info, debug, trace info

* - Required

Example config

Default name for configuration is scss-bundle.config.json.

    "bundlerOptions": {
        "entryFile": "./tests/cases/simple/main.scss",
        "rootDir": "./tests/cases/simple/",
        "outFile": "./bundled.scss",
        "ignoreImports": ["~@angular/.*"],
        "logLevel": "silent"

Non-CLI usage

Simple example

import path from "path";
import { Bundler } from "scss-bundle";

(async () => {
    // Absolute project directory path.
    const projectDirectory = path.resolve(__dirname, "./cases/tilde-import");
    const bundler = new Bundler(undefined, projectDirectory);
    // Relative file path to project directory path.
    const result = await bundler.bundle("./main.scss");



import { Bundler } from "scss-bundle";


constructor(fileRegistry: FileRegistry = {}, projectDirectory?: string) {}
  • fileRegistry?: Registry - Dictionary of files contents by full path
  • projectDirectory?: string - Absolute project location, where node_modules are located. Used for resolving tilde imports



public async bundle(file: string, fileRegistry: Registry = {}): Promise<BundleResult>
  • file: string - Main file full path
  • fileRegistry: Registry - Dictionary of files contents by full path




import { BundleResult } from "scss-bundle";
interface BundleResult {
    imports?: BundleResult[];
    tilde?: boolean;
    filePath: string;
    content?: string;
    found: boolean;
  • imports: BundleResult[] - File imports array
  • tilde?: boolean - Used tilde import
  • filePath: string - Full file path
  • content: string - File content
  • found: boolean - Is file found


import { Registry } from "scss-bundle";
interface Registry {
    [id: string]: string | undefined;

id: string - File full path as dictionary id


string | undefined - File content


Released under the MIT license.

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