Cross-platform bash utilities - primed for Reason/OCaml
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Installation utilities for a bash environment - primed for Reason/OCaml

This package is intended to smooth over cases where OCaml packages rely on Unix utilities or a Bash environment.

On Linux and OS X, this package is essentially a no-op. On Windows, we install an isolated cygwin environment, ready to use for OCaml/OPAM, that we use to run a bash shell.


 npm install

Installation on Windows does the following:


Command Line

The esy-bash command runs a script in a bash shell. On Linux and OS X, this just uses the default bash shell. On Windows, this delegates to the installed cygwin environment:

esy-bash echo 'HI'


An API is also bundled:

const { bashExec } = require("esy-bash")

await bashExec("ls -a")


This source code is licensed under the MIT License.

When installing, several other dependencies are downloaded - like Cygwin and the GNU utilities. These are bound by their own license terms, primarily the GPL License

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