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A small cli tool for [automated] handling of container stacks & multiple docker image publication.


The main purpose (but not limited to) of this tool is to minimize the workload for setting up automated multi-image build jobs on CI environments.

Other Possibilities

Basically this tool serves functionality for the following purposes:

  • pulling docker images from remote registries
  • building docker images
  • re-tagging images from remote registries.
  • pushing images to remote registries.

No matter which problems this tool is going to solve - everything is done with a single & simple manifest.yml file.

Everything can be used either local or on CI environments.

Installing docker-manifest

Make sure your environment satisfies the following requirements in order to install and use this tool:

  • A [node](https://nodejs.com) (v8 or greater) binary available in your path
  • A package manager for node, i.e[npm](https://npmjs.org/) or [yarn](yarnpkg.org)
  • A valid docker[https://docker.com/] binary in your path


This tool is NOT stable/ready for public usage yet!

You may NOT use this tool until reaching version 1.0.0!

Use at your own risk!

Once all pre-requirements are met, you can install docker-manifest via:

# when using npm
npm i -g @pddstudio/docker-manifest

# when using yarn
yarn global add @pddstudio/docker-manifest

Setup & Usage

To get started, create a manifest.yml file in your environment and provide (at least) a name for your project/stack and the basic actions for your image(s).

You can read the Documentation or the Getting Started Guide to get up and running.

For more inspiration you can dig through the collection of sample usages in the examples folder.

Getting Help





(c) 2018 - Patrick Jung patrick.pddstudio@gmail.com - MIT License

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