## Installation
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$ cnpm install @pawel-gawel/test-utils 
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Library to aid javascript testing


Global installation is recommended if you plan to use terminal commands in multiple projects

npm install -g @pawel-gawel/test-utils

In case you plan to leverage bootstrap scripts, you should install it as a project's dev dependency

npm install -save-dev @pawel-gawel/test-utils

Terminal commands

When installed globally, command test-utils is available in the terminal.

One can find current usage by typing

test-utils -h

Run tests

test-utils run [glob...]
# or
test-run [glob...]

Default glob is src/**/*-test.* to promote next-to-code test location convention.

Watch tests

test-utils watch [glob...]
# or
test-watch [glob...]

Default glob is src/**/*-test.* to promote next-to-code test location convention.

Create new test suite

To create new test suite, go with

test-utils gen my-awesome-name
# or 
test-gen my-awesome-name

where my-awesome-name should be a dashed name of existing module to be covered by tests. It could also be relative path to existing file

test-gen examples/my-awesome-component.jsx

Output file will have name of my-awesome-name-test.ext, where ext will be derived from existing module file (if there is one with maching name). If not, default js extension will be used.

Test templates

You can also specify which template you want to use for new test suite, like

test-gen --template react my-awesome-component

Currently there are only base and react templates available.

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