A logical type representing Decimal as binary bytes
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$ cnpm install @ovotech/avro-decimal 
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Avro Decimal

A Logical type for representing a decimal object value as raw bytes


yarn add @ovotech/avro-decimal

And then you can use AvroDecimal for a logicalType of a field.


import { Type, Schema } from 'avsc';
import { AvroDecimal } from '@ovotech/avro-decimal';
import { Decimal } from 'decimal.js';

const decimalSchema: Schema = {
  type: 'bytes',
  logicalType: 'decimal',
  precision: 16,
  scale: 8,

export const DecimalType = Type.forSchema(decimalSchema, {
  logicalTypes: { decimal: AvroDecimal },

const encoded = DecimalType.toBuffer(new Decimal('100.01'));
const decoded = DecimalType.fromBuffer(encoded);


Running the tests

Then you can run the tests with:

yarn test

Coding style (linting, etc) tests

Style is maintained with prettier and tslint

yarn lint


Deployment is preferment by lerna automatically on merge / push to master, but you'll need to bump the package version numbers yourself. Only updated packages with newer versions will be pushed to the npm registry.


Have a bug? File an issue with a simple example that reproduces this so we can take a look & confirm.

Want to make a change? Submit a PR, explain why it's useful, and make sure you've updated the docs (this file) and the tests (see test folder).


This project is licensed under Apache 2 - see the LICENSE file for details

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