generates and compares OCLIF plugins snapshot files
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$ cnpm install @oclif/plugin-command-snapshot 
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Generates and compares OCLIF plugins snapshot files

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This plugin is used to take snapshot of commands and flags in OCLIF plugins. These snapshots can be used to enforce a deprecation policy or to keep track of changes.

To include it in your plugin, add it to the devPlugins section in your package.json.

"oclif": {
    "devPlugins": [

Use the snapshot:generate command in your development process.

# generates a snapshot file that has a list or commands and flags in the current CLI or plugin
$ ./bin/run snapshot:generate

Use the snapshot:compare command in your continuos integration. This command will fail if changes are detected. The snapshot file should be updated and committed to the repository when legitimate changes are made.

# compare the current CLI or plugin commands and flags with a snapshot file to identify changes
$ ./bin/run snapshot:compare

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