A Node.js wrapper around the Noonlight API
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$ cnpm install @noonlight/noonlight-sdk 
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Noonlight SDK - Node.js Client Library

A Node.js wrapper around the Noonlight API. This library is part of the Noonlight SDK.


npm i @noonlight/noonlight-sdk


let access_token = 'eyJ0...' // acquire an access_token from Noonlight OAuth

const Noonlight = require('@noonlight/noonlight-sdk') // require the module
const nl = new Noonlight(access_token) // initialize

// Call methods
nl.createAlarm(nl.services(), '911 Washington Ave, St. Louis, MO, 63101')


constructor(token: string, uri?: string)
You can initialize the library by instantiating the base class using the new keyword. The token parameter is the access_token required to make requests to the Noonlight API and is hence a required parameter. The base URL for the API will be derived from the token if available. In case of error, make sure that you provided a valid token or explicitly provide the API base URL as the second parameter.

Example Usage:

// Implicit URI detection
const nl = new noonlight('eyJ0...')

//Explicit URI declaration
const nl = new noonlight('eyJ0...', 'http://localhost:3000')

services(code?: string)
Generates a Services object based on a given code, in the required JSON format to be used in other methods. The services are Police, Fire and Medical. The code parameter could be any combination of their initials in any order. It is also case insensitive. By default, the service object returned has police set to true.

Example Usage:

// Output: { police: true, fire: false, medical: false }

// Output: { police: true, fire: true, medical: false }

// Output: { police: false, fire: true, medical: true }

// Output: { police: true, fire: true, medical: true }

createAlarm(services: Services{}, ...location: ...number|string)
Creates a Noonlight alarm based on the given location and services. The Services object required by the services parameter can be generated using the services() method. For the location, you can either pass in an address string in the format:
line1, line2 (optional), city, state (2-digit state code), zip
the coordinates as three separate numbers - latitude, longitude and accuracy in that order. Improper or invalid parameters will result in an error. The method returns a Promise which gets resolved into the response from the Noonlight API in event of successful alarm creation. The Promise will be rejected with an Error object in event of an error.

Example Usage:

// Alarm creation with address
nl.createAlarm(nl.services(), '911 Washington Ave, St. Louis, MO, 63101')
  .then(result =>  console.log(result))
  .catch(err => console.log(err.message))

// Alarm creation with coordinates
nl.createAlarm(nl.services(), 34.32334, -117.3343, 5)
  .then(result =>  console.log(result))
  .catch(err => console.log(err.message))


Currently, public contributions to this project are not being accepted.

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