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A web component for providing search results capabilities via text input. Abstract data source back-ends can be used for modifying the query response result -- anything from a remote database to a locally cached JSON string can be used as a model.

NOTE(jeff): This module is still in its infancy. Most features are not yet implemented.


  • OpenSearch spec

Reference Documents

  1. Google: Refine web searches
  2. MongoDB: Free-Text Search
  3. http://www.opensearch.org/Specifications/OpenSearch/1.1
  1. http://ceos.org/document_management/Working_Groups/WGISS/Interest_Groups/OpenSearch/CEOS-OPENSEARCH-BP-V1.1-Final.pdf
  2. https://eoxc.github.io/opensearch/
  3. https://codepen.io/fielding/pen/Vbdppm

Reference Query Results Response



  1. OpenSearch Query Response data and headers

  2. https://naughty.localdev/opensearch.xml

  • Top-right header of site has search icon that transitions to a pull down search dialog, much like Fielding's design


See also

  • ./design/code/gsearch
    • This directory contains interesting snippet examples I stashed away of Google's Search widget as I was casually browsing the source tree of Google's Android API documentation.

    • design/code/docs.js

      • Absorb as much of this gem as possible; I have yet to see anything in there that is not directly applicable for us.
      • The URL cleanup methods for consistent serialization and de-serialization of search and query data inside a HTTP GET request ought to be 120% answered after we consume and implement these inside nom-search and ./routes/search.js. Yay!
      • These two methods ought to get us well upon our way: buildResourceList and parseResourceQuery.

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