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$ cnpm install @ngirl/eslint-config 
SYNC missed versions from official npm registry.



This package provides the Naughty Girl project's .eslintrc as an extensible shared configuration across all of the project modules.


yarn add @ngirl/eslint-config-ngirl@latest -D
  1. The correct peer dependency versions listed in this package must be installed in your project's directory.

1a. Manually install the list of peer dependencies given when querying the npm registry.

npm info @ngirl/eslint-config-ngirl peerDependencies

1b. Use a npm package, such as install-peerdeps that assists in installing peer dependencies.

npm install -g install-peerdeps
install-peerdeps --yarn --only-peers --dev @ngirl/eslint-config-ngirl

1c. Or, via npx to avoid permanently installing install-peerdeps.

npx install-peerdeps --yarn --only-peers --dev @ngirl/eslint-config-ngirl

1d. Or, use the provided helper script to mimic the above process.

DRY_RUN=1 bin/install-peerdeps.js
  1. Add "extends": "@ngirl/eslint-config-ngirl" to your project's .eslintrc config.

Cheat Sheet

/* eslint no-undef: ['off'] */
/* eslint no-undef: ['error'] */
/* eslint-disable no-alert */
/* eslint-disable no-alert, no-console */
/* eslint-enable no-alert, no-console */
/* eslint-disable */
/* eslint-enable */
// eslint-disable-line
// eslint-disable-next-line


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