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$ cnpm install @newrelic/newrelic-plugin-oss-third-party 
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oclif Version Downloads/week License


$ npm install -g @newrelic/newrelic-plugin-oss-third-party
$ oclif-example COMMAND
running command...
$ oclif-example (-v|--version|version)
@newrelic/newrelic-plugin-oss-third-party/0.0.2 darwin-x64 node-v10.16.3
$ oclif-example --help [COMMAND]
  $ oclif-example COMMAND


oclif-example third-party FILE

Generate third party notices

  $ oclif-example third-party FILE

  FILE  (manifest|notices) What file do you want to update? Use "manifest" to update the third_party_manifest.json
        manifest of third party dependencies. Use "notices" to update the THIRD_PARTY_NOTICES.md file using the content
        of the manifest.

  --forceUpdate  Force update of manifest file.

  (1) Make sure you have run "npm install" before using this tool. It depends on node_modules.
  (2) Run with "manifest" to update the manifest file (third_party_manifest.json).
  (3) Review the contents of third_party_manifest.json for accuracy and items marked "FOR_REVIEW" that require manual 
  (4) Run with "notices" to update the notices file (THIRD_PARTY_NOTICES.md) using the manifest.
  (5) Review the contents of THIRD_PARTY_NOTICES.md for accuracy.
  (6) Commit and deploy your changes.
  (7) Yay open source!

  WARNING: this tool does not currently handle monorepos.

See code: src/commands/third-party.js

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