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$ cnpm install @netsells/vue-form-state 
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Vue Form State

Handle asynchronous loading, error and result states based on the result of a promise.


yarn add @netsells/vue-form-state
import Vue from 'vue';
import VueFormState from '@netsells/vue-form-state';



You can pass the following options to change the way it functions

Vue.use(VueFormState, {
    parseError(error) {
        return error.response.data.message;

    name: 'handle-form-state',


Parses an error for every form (i.e. globally). Output is stored in error (original error is in rawError)


Parses a response for every form (i.e. globally). Output is stored in result (original response is in rawResult)


Change the name of the component (form-state by default)


In your template:

    <form-state :submit="submitForm">
            <form @submit.prevent="submit">
                <!-- your form -->

Note that the submit callback is a prop on the form-state component. This is so it has access to the return value (your promise).

In your methods:

methods: {
    submitForm() {
        return fetch(url, {
            method: 'POST',
            body: JSON.stringify(this.formData),

The result of this promise will be set to rawResult in the slot. If it errors, the error will be set to the rawError scoped slot. If you have supplied either a parseResult or parseError optional functional, the result of these will be available as result and error respectively.

You can also get the result or error via an event emitted by form-state:

    <!-- template -->
methods: {
    handleResult(result, rawResult) {
        // code

    handleError(error, rawError) {
        // code

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