A simple module to provide an Icons8 SVG spritesheet to your Nuxt app
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$ cnpm install @netsells/nuxt-icons8 
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Nuxt Icons8 Module

A simple module to provide an Icons8 SVG spritesheet to your Nuxt app

This module aims to make it easier to integrate with Icons8 in a more uniform way, allowing you to simply pass in your SVG file and have it globally provided to your app.

Why does this component use SVGs rather than font?

Fonts are inherently bad, and are penalised by tools such as Google PageSpeed and Lighthouse as they are an additional request. Add to this issues with accessibility and general size of these files, it's highly recommended to use SVGs for application icons.

What does this module do?

A global component will be registered in your app, and this can be referenced using the componentName provided or app-icon by default.

    <app-icon name="email" />

<style lang="scss" scoped>
    // SVG "fill" will use the font colour provided, 
    // and will inherit the current colour if not set
    .app-icon {
        color: red;


If the normaliseSpritesheet option is set to true the sprite sheet will automatically have all fill attributes removed. This is because the fill on the icons will be enforced by the font color css value and inherited by currentColor in the component CSS.

If set to false for any reason, it can be enabled on a per-component basis using the :normalise="false" prop on the component.


Install the module:

$ yarn add @netsells/nuxt-icons8

Add the module to your nuxt config:

modules: {
    // Other modules

Configure the module to your needs:

icons8: {
    spritePath: '',
    componentName: '',
    normaliseSpritesheet: true,



Path to your svg spritesheet in your application

  • Default: ''
  • Type: string
  • Required


The name of the global icon component

  • Default: 'app-icon'
  • Type: string


Whether to apply normalisation to the spritesheet. See above for details

  • Default: true
  • Type: boolean


This component can be utilised in storybook by first doing a build of your nuxt app. This will generate the .nuxt folder with the generated component from this module. You can then register it globally in your storybook project by simply pulling in the generated file:

import '../.nuxt/icons8/plugin';

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