Read and print secrets from Hashicorp Vault
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$ cnpm install @netresearch/vault-read 
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Read and print secrets from Hashicorp Vault

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$ npm install -g vault-read
$ vault-read [-u|--username Vault user] [-p|--password Vault password] [-a|--address Vault address] PATH [KEY]
$ vault-read (-v|--version|version)
vault-read/0.0.0 linux-x64 node-v10.16.3
$ vault-read --help
Read secrets from the vault

  $ vault-read PATH [KEY]

  PATH  Path from which to read the secret
  KEY   Specific key from the data store in the path

  -a, --address=address    The Vault url, alternatively provide CI_VAULT_ADDRESS env variable
  -h, --help               show CLI help
  -p, --password=password  The LDAP password for Vault, alternatively provide CI_VAULT_PASSWORD env variable
  -u, --username=username  The LDAP username for Vault, alternatively provide CI_VAULT_USER env variable
  -v, --version            show CLI version

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