Handlebars based templates for spreadsheets

Please use @momsfriendlydevco/spreadsheet-templater
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$ cnpm install @momsfriendlydevco/spreadsheet-handlebars 
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Handlebars integration for spreadhssets (via XLSX).

This plugin allows a spreadsheet to use handlebars notation to replace cell contents which enables an input spreadsheet to act as a template for incomming data.

var SpreadsheetHandlebars = require('@momsfriendlydevco/spreadsheet-handlebars');

new SpreadsheetHandlebars('input.xlsx')


The module exposes a single object.

Constructor(options | filename)

Setup the object either with an options object or a template filename to use.

set(key, [val])

Set a single or multiple options (if key is an object). Lodash array and dotted notation is supported for the key.


Parse the input template file. This function is automatically called if constructor is given a filename when initialized.


Apply the given data (or the data specified in options.data) to the loaded template.


Convenience function to return the workbook as a JSON object This will return an object with each key as the sheet ID and a 2D array of cells

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