Async locking mechanism based on MongoDB
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$ cnpm install @momsfriendlydevco/lock 
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Async locking mechanism based on MongoDB.

var Lock = require('@momsfriendlydevco/lock');

var locker = new Lock();
var timer;

	.then(()=> locker.create({Foo: 'Foo!', bar: 123}))
	.then(()=> timer = setInterval(locker.alive({Foo: 'Foo!', bar: 123}), 30000))
	.then(()=> locker.exists({Foo: 'Foo!', bar: 123})) //= true
	.then(()=> clearInterval(timer))
	.then(()=> locker.release({Foo: 'Foo!', bar: 123}))



Main constructor. Requires instance.init() to be called before the instance is functional.


Default settings.

Setting Type Default Description
expiry number 1 hour The time in milliseconds until the lock expires
ttl number 1 min The time in milliseconds until keep-alive expires
mongodb object See below MongoDB connection options
mongodb.uri string "mongodb://localhost/mfdc-cache" The MongoDB URI to connect to
mongodb.collection string "locks" The name of the collection to use
mongodb.options object See code Additional connection options to use
omitFields array ['_id', '__v'] Which fields to autmatically skip when using get()
includeKeys boolean true Also save the key field values, reduces overhead to disable this

lock.set(key, val)

Either set one setting or multiple if passed an object. Dotted notation is supported.


Check all settings and connect to the database.

lock.create(key, additionalFields)

Attempt to create a lock, returning a Promise <boolean> for success. Key is run via lock.hash() if it is not already a string.


Return a Promise <object> of a lock and all its attached data. The result object will either be undefined (if it doesn't exist) or the lock with the original keys + additionalFields. Key is run via lock.hash() if it is not already a string.

lock.update(key, fields)

Save data back to an existing lock. Key is run via lock.hash() if it is not already a string. Returns a promise.


Return a Promise <boolean> if a lock already exists. Key is run via lock.hash() if it is not already a string.


Release a lock. Key is run via lock.hash() if it is not already a string.


Remove all expired locks.


Remove all locks.


Update a locks ttl in order to detect disconnected clients


Return the input if its already a string, if not create a symetric hash of the object (i.e. reorder keys).


Release the database connection and terminate.

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