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$ cnpm install @momsfriendlydevco/email 
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This module is a thin wrapper around the nodemailer module which loads its config from the locations specified in the Doop project.

Quickstart guide

If you're project is already setup with appropriate config (see Expected Config) you should just be able to call the module as follows:

var email = require('@momsfriendlydevco/email');

		to: 'someone@somewhere.com',
		from: 'noreply@domain.com',
		subject: 'Plain email test via mfdc-email',
		text: 'Hello World',
	}, function(err, res) {
		// Do something with the result

or using chainable methods:

var email = require('@momsfriendlydevco/email');

	.to('Joe Random <joe@random.com>')
	.subject('HTML chainable method email test via mfdc-email')
	.html('<p>Hello <b>World</b></p>')
	.send(function(err, res) {
		// Do something with the result


This module uses the Debug NPM. Simply set the environment variable to DEBUG=email (or any valid enabling glob) to see the output.

> DEBUG=email mocha test/mailgun.js
  Mailgun > Send
  email Email
  email =======================================
  email To: matt@mfdc.biz
  email Subject: Plain email test via mfdc-email
  email -----------------
  email Hello Joe
  email ------ End ------
  email  +0ms

Using template views

Specifying the template property either as a key in the send() object or via the chainable .template() method, will specify the file on disk to be used when composing the email.

  • The type of email to send is determined by the file extension. .txt files are plain text and .html files are rich content.
  • All templates are rendered via Mustache with the parameters used taken from the templateParams option.
  • Mustache will automatically escape all variables. If you wish to use an unsecaped variable like a URL encase it in three levels of brackets rather than two e.g. {{{url}}}
var email = require('@momsfriendlydevco/email');

	.to('Joe Random <joe@random.com>')
	.subject('Password Recovery')
	.template(config.root + '/views/emails/password-recovery.txt')
		name: 'Joe Random',
		signoff: 'The MFDC team',


send(email, callback)

Dispatch an email. This is as functionally similar to the Nodemailer send() command as possible. Use this if lower level access is required. Returns a promise.

to, from, cc, bcc, subject, text, html()

All these methods are chainable:

var email = require('@momsfriendlydevco/email');


params, templateparams

Populate the Handlebars replacement engine with a given object.


Specify a template file to read to obtain the email body. The file extension should be .txt or .html to determine the body type. Specify .params (or .templateParams) to populate the Handlebars replacement engine.

var email = require('@momsfriendlydevco/email');

	.params({username: 'joe'})


Reinitialize the mail transport and reset all defaults to the global values.

Expected Config

This module expects the following global.config / global.app.config variables to be specified to operate:

Method Key Type Description
All email.enabled Boolean Temporarily disable the sending of email. If falsy this will message to the console and not actually send anything
email.method String What transport profile to use, see init() for details
email.{to,from,subject,cc,bcc} String / Array Default fields to use if unspecified
email.template String Read a template file and render it as the email content
Mailgun mailgun.apiKey String The API key for the Mailgun profile
mailgun.domain String The Mailgun domain, usually something like 'acme.com' (no 'http://' prefix or Mailgun suffix)

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