Deferred async job scheduler and runner for local or remote batch queues
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$ cnpm install @momsfriendlydevco/agents 
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Deferred async job scheduler and runner for local or remote batch queues.

var Agents = require('@momsfriendlydevco/agents');

var agents = new Agents();

// Calculate the first 100 prime numbers within PM2 / AWS or some other runner
agents.get('primes', {limit: 100}) 
	.then(result => { ... }) // Do something with the result

// Set up a job to calculate the first million prime numbers
// This doesn't return the result but the session we can use to ask about its status
agents.get('primes', {limit: 1e6}, {want: 'session'}) 
	.then(session => {
		// Set up a function to page the session and ask if its done yet
		var checkSession = ()=> agents.getSession(session).then(session => {
			if (session.status == 'complete') {
				console.log('Yey there are', session.result.length, 'primes');
			} else {
				setTimeout(checkSession, 1000); // Check again in 1s
		checkSession(); // Kick off the initial check

Module API

new Agents([settings])

Create an agents instance and set its initial objects.

The following settings are supported (in dotted form):

Setting Type Default Description
autoInit boolean false Whether constructing the object will also call agents.init() automatically. Use agents.on('ready') to trap when the agent has loaded
autoInstall boolean true Whether any timed jobs should be installed via Cron
allowImmediate boolean true Allow any agents detected as {immediate: true} to execute
logThrottle number 250 What to throttle log output for functions like agent.logThrottle() or agent.progress()
paths array ['examples/**/*.agent.js'] Paths to search for agent files
keyRewrite function key => key How to mangle the allocated cacheKey when assigning agents
cache object See below The cache options. All settings except cache.calculate are specific to @momsfriendlydevco/cache
cache.calculate function See notes Function used to select the caching module to use
runner object See below The runner options
runner.modules array ['inline'] Supported runner modules
runner.calculate function session => 'inline' How to select the applicable runner
runner.pm2 object See below Various configuration options for PM2
runner.pm2.procName function cacheKey => cacheKey The name of the PM2 process, calculated from the cacheKey
runner.pm2.execFile string ${__dirname}/run-agent The code Node run-agent file used to execute the inline process
runner.pm2.execFileInterpreter string "node" The interpreter to set for the run-agent file
runner.pm2.execFileInterpreterArgs array See code Arguments passed to the interpreter of run-agent
runner.pm2.cwd string ${__dirname} The working directory of the run-agent file
runner.pm2.env function See code The environment to pass to the run-agent file
runner.pm2.logFileScan boolean true Examine the main pm2 log file to determine additional detail if PM2 claims a process exited correctly
runner.pm2.logFilePath boolean $HOME/.pm2/pm2.log Log file to examine for process exit information
runner.pm2.logFileTailSize number 2048 How many bytes backwards from the end of the main PM2 log file to read
agentDefaults object See code Options set as defaults when reading in each agent file


  • The cache used is @momsfriendlydevco/cache the all of the cache settings excepting calculate are passed to it to initialize the caches
  • The default cache.calculate code simply selects the first module specified in cache.modules


Initialize the agent manager, including starting all runners and caches. Returns a promise.


The storage object for the agents settings, use agents.set() to populate this conveniently. See the main constructor for a list of settings.

agents.set(key, [val])

Set a single key (dotted or array notation is supported) or merge an entire object into agents.settings Returns the agents chainable object.


Function which refreshes available agents, this is automatically called by agents.init(). Returns a promise.


Asks if the supplied agent ID is valid. Returns a boolean.


Asks the agents object to clean up all caches, runners and any other async objects. Returns a promise.

agents.get(id, [agentSettings], [settings])

Either returns a cached agent value or, if none are found, calls agents.run() automatically to obtain one. Returns a promise.

agents.getSize(id, [agentSettings], [settings])

Returns the size of a cached response or undefined if none is found. Returns a promise.

agents.run(id, [agentSettings], [settings])

This is the main function which runs an agent and waits for its response. Returns a promise.

agents.invalidate(id, [agentSettings], [settings])

Invalidates an agent response - that is, this function will remove the cached value. This causes subsequent calls to agents.get() to recalculate. Returns a promise.


Returns a list of all available agents, their cache status and other meta information. Returns a promise.

Agent API

The following is a minimal example of an agent file:

module.exports = {
	id: 'myAgent',
	hasReturn: true,
	immediate: false,
	methods: ['pm2', 'inline'],
	triggers: ['build'],
	expires: '1h',
	worker: function() {
		var agent = this;
		// ... Agent work here ... //

See the examples directory for more comprehensive examples.

Agents have the following settings:

Setting Type Default Description
path string Calculated Calculate as the source agent path when refreshing
id string The unique ID identifying the agent
hasReturn boolean true Whether the agent is expected to return a value, an warning occurs if the agent does not
immediate boolean false Indicates that the agent should always be executed when the agent module loads the agent for the first time
triggers triggers [] Additional triggers that make the agent run. Examples could include things like "boot", "build" etc.


  • All defaults are configurable in agents.settings.agentDefaults

When executed all agent functions are given a context which has access to the following convenience API methods:


Output generic information. This is the same functionality as console.log() but can be captured by the upstream agent invoker.


Functionally the same as agent.log() but this function is designed to deal with blast data by throttling the actual output.


Manually release any throttled log content.


Output a warning. This is the same functionality as console.warn() but can be captured by the upstream agent invoker.


Convenience object which provides a Chalk instance.

agent.progress([title], currentProgress, [maxProgress])

Output a progress indicator using agent.logThrottled(). Upstream agent invokers have access to this output and could present a progress bar of some kind.


Recommended emitter bindings

var prefix = colors.blue('[agents]');

	.on('init', ()=> console.log(prefix, 'Created agents interface'))
	.on('ready', ()=> console.log(prefix, 'Agents interface ready'))
	.on('destroy', ()=> console.log(prefix, 'Destroying agents interface'))
	.on('destroyed', ()=> console.log(prefix, 'Destroyed agents interface'))
	.on('refreshWarn', (path, msg) => console.log(prefix, colors.yellow('WARNING'), colors.cyan(path), msg))
	.on('refresh', ids => console.log(prefix, 'Loaded agents:', ids.map(i => colors.cyan(i)).join(', ')))
	.on('tick', id => console.log(prefix, 'Refreshing agent', colors.cyan(id), 'from cron timing', colors.cyan(agents.agents[id].timing)))
	.on('scheduled', id => console.log(prefix, 'Installed agent', colors.cyan(id), 'with timing', colors.cyan(agents.agents[id].timing)))
	.on('runImmediate', id => console.log(prefix, 'Agent', colors.cyan(id), 'marked for immediate run!'))
	.on('log', (session, ...args) => console.log.apply(this, args))
	.on('warn', (session, ...args) => console.log.apply(this, ['WARN'].concat(args)))

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