An OpenTracing bridge for the Elastic APM Node.js Agent based on version 1.1.0 of the original package
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$ cnpm install @mojaloop/elastic-apm-node-opentracing 
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Elastic APM Node.js OpenTracing Bridge

An OpenTracing bridge for the Elastic APM Node.js Agent.

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This module have elastic-apm-node as a peer dependency.


npm install elastic-apm-node-opentracing --save


// Start the Elastic APM agent at the VERY top of the first file loaded
// in your app
const agent = require('elastic-apm-node').start()
const Tracer = require('elastic-apm-node-opentracing')

// Pass the Elastic APM agent as an argument to the OpenTracing tracer
const tracer = new Tracer(agent)

const span = tracer.startSpan('my-first-span')
// ... do some work ...


tracer = new Tracer(agent)

This module exposes a Tracer class which is OpenTracing compatible.

When instantiating the Tracer object, an instance of the Elastic APM Node.js Agent must be provided as its only argument.

For details about the tracer API, see the opentracing-javascript API docs.



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