A linter for HTML and CSS using [Nu html Checker](https://validator.github.io/validator/).
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$ cnpm install @mitsue/vlint 
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A linter for HTML and CSS using Nu html Checker.


  1. Install vlint

    npm i --save-dev @mitsue/vlint
  2. Put .vlintrc.yml in your project directory.

        vnu: https://validator.w3.org/nu/
        vnu: https://validator.w3.org/nu/

    Note: By specifing url of Nu Html Checker, vlint transmits your content to Nu Html Checker.

  3. Run vlint

    # html
    # HTML files (extension is either .htm, .html, or .shtml) will be checked.
    npx vlint
    # css
    # CSS files (extension is .css) will be checked.
    npx vlint --css


vlint can be configured from a .vlintrc.yml.

    vnu: https://validator.w3.org/nu/
    validator: https://validator.w3.org/check
    charset: utf-8
    include: '**/*.+(htm|html|shtml)'
        - '**/node_modules/**'
    vnu: https://validator.w3.org/nu/
    charset: utf-8
    include: '**/*.css'
        - '**/node_modules/**'
  • vnu

    URL of Nu Html Checker

    Default: no default value. This must be specified.

  • validator

    URL of W3C Markup Validator. If this option was specified, XHTML 1.0, HTML 4.01 and so on are validated by W3C Markup Validator.

    HTML5 files are validated by Nu Html Checker even if this option was specified.

    Specifying this option for css has no effect. CSS files are validated by Nu Html Checker even if this option was specified.

    Default: no default value.

  • charset

    Encoding (charset) of the file. If this option was omitted, Nu Html Checker detects encoding automatically.

    Default: no default value.

  • include

    glob pattern of HTML or CSS. This can be a string or an array of string.

    Default: **/*.+(htm|html|shtml) (HTML) or **/*.css (CSS)

  • ignore

    glob pattern of files which ignored by vlint. This can be a string or an array of string.

    Default: [**/node_modules/**]

Ignoring errors and warnings

vlint ignores errors and warnings defined in .vlintignore.yml.

You can generate or update the entire of .vlintignore.yml by running following commands:

vlint --rebaseline
vlint --css --rebaseline

Also, you can update the specific parts of .vlintignore.yml by running following commands:

vlint --update path/to/html
vlint --css --update path/to/css

Additionally, you can edit .vlintignore.yml manually.

    # glob pattern
        # regular expression
        - 'Legacy encoding “.*” used\. Documents must use UTF-8\.'
        - 'The only allowed value for the “charset” attribute for the “meta” element is “utf-8”\.'
    # glob pattern
        # regular expression
        - 'Warning: Document uses the Unicode Private Use Area\(s\), which should not be used in publicly exchanged documents\. \(Charmod C073\)'

Change Log


  • Fixed wrong calculation of basic authorization credentials
  • Updated dependencies


  • Added basic authorization support
  • Updated dependencies



  • Removed test coverage information from npm package


  • Added --update flag to support updating the specific part of .vlintignore.yml
  • Added support '.yml' extension for '.vlintrc' and '.vlintignore' (.vlintrc.yml and .vlintignore.yml)
  • Updated dependencies


  • Escape more regexp meta characters
  • Fixed removing used patterns in .vlintignore.yaml


  • Respect ignore option in pre-commit hook scenario
  • Updated dependencies


  • Initial release

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