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This project is under heavy development and is not considered stable. Use at your own risk.

Microjournal is a set of tools for building a journal out of short status updates that you write to multiple times over a day. You can use #tags and @mentions to annotate your content, and search for them later.


Microjournal supports multiple types of data storage, including building custom data storage layers. Right now there is only one supported file format, using flat files, with the @microjournal/accessor-folder package. There is also a @microjournal/accessor-api package for supporting a client/server setup, but there is no backend available yet.

To build a custom data accessor, see the @microjournal/accessor package.


To use Microjournal you can install the @microjournal/cli package, which exposes the mj command. You can find more commands under mj --help.


See LICENSE.rst for license information.


Copyright © 2019 Steve Streza. All rights reserved.

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