Generates TypeScript declaration files for barrels.
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barrel-dts is a simple command-line tool that generates TypeScript declaration files for barrels.


The following commands are supported:

  • -s, --source [sourceFile]: The barrel source file (defaults to index.ts).
  • -m, --module-name [moduleName]: The name of the module (defaults to myModule).
  • -t, --target [targetFileName]: The name of the target file (if moduleName is set, it defaults to it: myModule.d.ts).


To clarify its usage even more, let us pretend we want to generate a .d.ts file for this barrel:

export { MyFirstClass } from './myFirstClass/MyFirstClass';
export { MySecondClass } from './mySecondClass/MySecondClass';

Simply generating declarations via setting the corresponding property in the tsconfig.json file puts out a simple copy of this file and results in us having to use the following syntax to import from our barrel:

import { MyFirstClass } from 'myModule/myModule';

This happens because the TypeScript compiler does not declare a module for our barrel. barrel-dts on the other hand does declare a module and we can now simply use this for our imports:

import { MyFirstClass } from 'myModule';


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