Create or delete system user accounts in OS X, Linux and Windows.
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$ cnpm install @mh-cbon/roster 
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Create or delete system user accounts in Mac, Linux and Windows.


npm install @mh-cbon/roster --save


var roster = require('@mh-cbon/roster');

roster.exists('username', function(exists) {
  console.log('User exists? ' + exists);

roster.create({ user: 'new_guy', full_name: 'The New Guy' }, function(err) {
  if (!err) console.log('Successfully created.')

roster.delete('bad_user', function(err) {
  if (!err) console.log('Successfully deleted.')

roster.get_groups('bad_user', function(err, groups) {
  err && console.error(err);
  groups && console.log(JSON.stringify(groups, null, 2))

As a binary

npm install @mh-cbon/roster -g


@mh-cbon/roster 0.0.3

Usage: roster [command] [user] [opts]


 roster exists [user] [opts]

 roster groups [user] [opts]

 roster create [user] [opts]
   --home|-h       Create the home directory
   --home_dir|-d   Specify the home directory path
   --full_name|-f  Set the user full name
   --user_id|-i    Set the user ID
   --group_id|-g   Set the group ID
   --shell|-s      Set the user shell
   --groups        List of additionals comma separated groups to subscribe
   --system        Linux only, create a system account (-r)
   --hidden        Macos only, create an hidden account
   --guest         Macos only, create a guest account

 roster delete [user] [opts]
   --remove|-r     Delete the home directory


   --json          Print results as JSON


  • install vagrant from the official website
  • add vbguest plugin vagrant plugin install vbguest
  • add wrmi plugin vagrant plugin install wrmi
  • sh mocha.sh


Written by Tomás Pollak. MIT licensed.

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