Bootstraps a node project by making a package.json, initializing a git repo, and optionally setting up Docker, React, redux, and creating a repo on GitHub.
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$ cnpm install @mgwalker/node-bootstrap 
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Quickly create a node project with a handful of options. I got tired of spending all day getting a new React+Redux app setup, so I built this thing.


Might as well install this one globally if you want to use it. Or install it locally if you'd like, but that seems silly.

npm install -g @mgwalker/node-bootstrap


From the directory where you want to create your new module, run:

node-bootstrap [plugins]

For example, to create a React project with Redux tucked neatly into a docker environment, under an MIT license:

node-bootstrap react redux docker license=mit

You can specify a list of plugins, some with options. The following plugins are currently supported:

plugin description
react Installs the latest version of react, creates an app entry point, sets up webpack, modifies the eslint config, and updates the build script in package.json.
redux Installs the latest version of redux and sets up a basic reducer and dispatch actions. Invokes the react plugin if it hasn't already executed.
express Installs the latest version of express and sets up a very simple web server with a single endpoint. Note that this plugin does not serve your web application with express - the intent is that the express app will serve as an API.
docker Creates Dockerfiles and a docker-compose.yaml to start everything up. When docker is enabled, npm modules are not installed in your local environment - instead, they are installed when the docker containers are created.
license Create a LICENSE.md file. Takes an optional parameter of the SPDX identifier of the license to use. Available licenses are BSD-2-Clause, BSD-3-Clause, CC0-1.0, ISC, and MIT. Default is ISC. SPDX identifier is not case sensitive.

To specify the parameter, add =<spdx> to the plugin:

node-bootstrap license=mit

All projects are configured with eslint, and the lint configuration is modified by the plugins, as appropriate.

Yeah, plugins isn't really the best word here, but it's the best I've got right now. :)

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