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$ cnpm install @merthin/ced-cli 
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CloudEdgeDistribution CLI

The CED CLI pushes artifacts into an CED project. It serves the purpose of integrating CED to existing CI/CD workflows.

Run ced -h for help screen.


You have to login before running any authorized operation. Use the following command for interactive login.

ced login

Use the following command to discard current login.

ced logout


Use the following command to specify a project's environment as current context. Commands like push or create-version require a context.

ced context <project-name> <environment> 


ced context Demo production

Push artifact

Use the following command to push an artifact as a new version.

ced push <artifact-path> 


ced push ./bin/deployment

Non-interactive environments

Use this command to get a token.

ced login --ci

All commands can run with a token in non-interactive environments.


ced push ./app.zip -p Demo -e dev -t <token>

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