A transport for pino that sends messages to Google Stackdriver Logging
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This module provides a "transport" for pino that forwards messages to the Google Stackdriver log service through it's API.


You should install pino-stackdriver globally for ease of use:

$ npm install --production -g pino-stackdriver


This package internally uses the Google cloud logging library to call the Stackdriver Logging API. To be able to log to Stackdriver, some setup is needed on the Google Cloud platform.

Create a service account on the page Stackdriver Logging Client Libraries. This downloads a JSON file with the credentials required.


To use globally from command line:

$ npm install -g pino-stackdriver

To include as a library in your project:

$ npm install pino-stackdriver


Want to use pino-stackdriver from the CLI? See the CLI documentation for details.


Want to use pino-stackdriver as a library in your project? See the API documentation for details.


Osmond van Hemert Github Web


If you would like to help out with some code, check the details.

Not a coder, but still want to support? Have a look at the options available to donate.


Licensed under MIT.

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