Runtime for Regenerator-compiled generator and async functions.
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此包fock自regenerator-runtime,主要解决小程序开发工具开启es6转es5时的报错问题,按照 regenerator-runtime 官方仓库的说法,开启babel严格模式时会有这个问题,并且它使用 Function("r", "regeneratorRuntime = r")(runtime); 这行代码来解决,遗憾的是 小程序不支持 Function 函数动态注入代码,并且会报错,导致编译不通过。

在和官方沟通无果后,基于此,本仓库Fock了 regenerator-runtime 的代码,把出错的导致这行代码编译不通过的代码注释掉了, 并且通过webpackaliasregenerator-runtime 替换成本包。具体修改的代码在 runtime.js 末尾的最后几行,如果你有更好的解决方案,欢迎提issues

Standalone runtime for Regenerator-compiled generator and async functions.

To import the runtime as a module (recommended), either of the following import styles will work:

// CommonJS
const regeneratorRuntime = require("regenerator-runtime");

// ECMAScript 2015
import regeneratorRuntime from "regenerator-runtime";

To ensure that regeneratorRuntime is defined globally, either of the following styles will work:

// CommonJS

// ECMAScript 2015
import "regenerator-runtime/runtime";

To get the absolute file system path of runtime.js, evaluate the following expression:


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