CLI tool to restart all ECS tasks inside a cluster
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$ cnpm install @mediaman/restart-all-ecs-tasks 
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CLI tool to restart all ECS tasks inside a cluster

This project was born out of the need to restart all ECS tasks automatically, without having duplicate service definitions.

The commend restarts all tasks inside a given cluster, one at a time. After stopping one tasks it waits until the ECS service has started a new tasks before it stops the next one.


$ npm install -g @mediaman/restart-all-ecs-tasks

Basic usage

You can restart all ECS tasks on a given cluster with the restart-all-ecs-tasks command:

$ restart-all-ecs-tasks -c arn:aws:ecs:region:1234567890123:cluster/environment

Binary path

By default the restart-all-ecs-tasks commands executes the aws binary. If your environment is not configured properly and you need to specify the full path to the aws binary you can specify it using the -b or --binary option.

$ restart-all-ecs-tasks -c arn:aws:ecs:region:1234567890123:cluster/environment -b /usr/local/bin/aws

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