Simple CLI tool for uploading files to wetransfer
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$ cnpm install @mbturan/wt-cli -g
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A wetransfer cli tool that can upload encrypted files with given password and decrypt the same files.

Getting Started

These instructions will get you a copy of the project up and running on your local machine.


  • NodeJS 6+


This is a CLI module. Install it global only.

npm install -g @mbturan/wetransfer-cli

This will give you access to wt-cli command.


wt-cli upload foldername --folder --encrypt --password 1234

# alias
wt-cli u foldername --folder --encrypt --password 1234

# For interactive mode
wt-cli upload

## or
wt-cli upload -i
wt-cli upload --interactive

Decrypt encrypted files

wt-cli decrypt fileName --password examplePassword

# alias
wt-cli d fileName --password examplePassword

# interactive mode
wt-cli d

## or
wt-cli d --interactive

## or
wt-cli d -i

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