Synchronise JIRA data with Mazzlo Delivery Analytics (www.mazzlo.co)
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$ cnpm install @mazzlo/mazzlo-jira-sync 
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Getting Started

Install mazzlo-jira-sync:

npm install @mazzlo/mazzlo-jira-sync -g

Run "mazzlo-jira-sync" in your terminal. You will be prompted to provide configuration settings on first run.

To modify configuration settings after they have been initialised, run the command:

mazzlo-jira-sync --settings

Running mazzlo-jira-sync

If you have stored your JIRA username, JIRA password and Mazzlo shared secret as configuration settings, you can run mazzlo-jira-sync by running the command:


If not, you can pass these credentials into 'mazzlo-sync-script' as temporary environment variables by running the command:

JIRA_USERNAME=myJiraUsername JIRA_PASSWORD=myJiraPassword MAZZLO_SHARED_SECRET=mazzloSecret mazzlo-jira-sync

If mazzlo-jira-sync cannot find your JIRA username or password as either configuration settings or environment variables, it will prompt you to enter them when you run the script.

When you run mazzlo-jira-sync, it will initiate a data sync immediately, and then schedule itself to run nightly. Leave the mazzlo-jira-sync process running to keep JIRA and Mazzlo in sync ongoing.


mazzlo-jira-sync --run-once runs a single Mazzlo sync and then exits (no further sync runs are scheduled)
mazzlo-jira-sync --no-initial schedules future Mazzlo sync runs without running an initial sync
mazzlo-jira-sync --settings allows you to modify configuration settings\

Debug mode

To run mazzlo-jira-sync in debug mode, run the following command from the mazzlo-jira-sync install directory:

DEBUG="*" npm run start

DEBUG can be set to "*" to debug everything, or to a comma separated list of config, http, or ssl.

For example, this command will enable debugging relating to config and http:

DEBUG="config,http" npm run start


Run the unit test suite from the mazzlo-jira-sync install directory with the command:

npm test

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