Write a commit message which is concurring with the AngulerJS git commit message convention
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$ cnpm install @mavo/gitshell -g
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offers a easy-to-use shell-command to create valid commit messages which are following AngularJS commit conventions

  • build commit message
  • enhance commit speed by providing latest used ticket-numbers from a storage

These rules are adopted from the AngularJS commit conventions.


  • enhace git commiting syntax in teams or organizations


How to install

install gitshell

npm i -g @mavo/gitshell

change directory to global node_modules/gitshell and create symlinks

cd /usr/local/lib/node_modules/@mavo/gitshell
npm link

How to develop

try out module

node ./bin/gitshell.js m

update package on npm NPM update package

npm version <update_type>
npm publish

<update_type> = patch, major, or minor

Format of the commit message

<type>(<scope>:<ticket>) <subject>

Subject line

Subject line contains succinct description of the change.

Allowed <type>

  • feat (feature)
  • fix (bug fix)
  • docs (documentation)
  • style (formatting, missing semi colons, …)
  • refactor
  • test (when adding missing tests)
  • chore (maintain)

Allowed <scope>

Scope could be anything specifying place of the commit change. For example $location, $browser, $compile, $rootScope, ngHref, ngClick, ngView, etc...

<subject> text

  • use imperative, present tense: “change” not “changed” nor “changes”
  • don't capitalize first letter
  • no dot (.) at the end


feat($browser:JIRA-123) onUrlChange event (popstate/hashchange/polling)

fix($compile:SHC-123) couple of unit tests for IE9

feat(directive:ELD-123) ng:disabled, ng:checked, ng:multiple, ng:readonly, ng:selected

style($location:JIRA-123) add couple of missing semi colons

docs(guide:JIRA-123) updated fixed docs from Google Docs

feat($compile:JIRA-123) simplify isolate scope bindings

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