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$ cnpm install @mattiash/markdown-pdf 
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Takes markdown as input and generates a pdf file by printing it with puppeteer.


markdown-pdf README.md

Produces a README.md.pdf in the same directory as README.md


--style <filename>  Includes a custom stylesheet
--output <filename> Specify name of pdf file
--browser           Allow you to see the generated html in a browser
--paper <size>      Set the paper-size. Default A4. See puppeteer documentation for page.pdf()



Will replace the string @git:lastUpdated with the date that the file was last updated according to git log.


Will replace a string @def Figure X This is the caption with a proper caption and wrap the caption and the element above it in a div to keep them together and simplify styling. The syntax is @def <type> <id> <text>. Replaces the id with an incrementing counter per type.


Will replace a string @ref Figure X with the id used when @def Figure X was replaced. The type of the reference is case insensitive, but case will be preserved in the replaced text. I.e. @ref Figure X will be replaced with Figure 1 and @ref figure X will be replaced with figure 1.

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