Generate API documentation in markdown from apiDoc data.
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$ cnpm install @mathieu_andrade/apidoc-markdown 
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ApiDoc markdown creates a documentation from API descriptions in your source code.

It uses apidoc to convert inline documentation comments into json schema and later convert it to markdown.

Uses the apidoc-core library.

Documentation: apidocjs.com


$ npm install -g @mathieu_andrade/apidoc-markdown


Add some apidoc comments anywhere in your source code:

 * @api {get} /user/:id Request User information
 * @apiName GetUser
 * @apiGroup User
 * @apiParam {Number} id User's unique ID.
 * @apiSuccess {String} firstname Firstname of the User.
 * @apiSuccess {String} lastname  Lastname of the User.

Now generate the documentation from src/ into doc/.

$ apidoc-markdown -i src/ -o doc/

Most important cli commands

-f --file-filters <file-filters>         RegEx-Filter to select files that should be parsed (multiple -f can be used). (default: [])
-e, --exclude-filters <exclude-filters>  RegEx-Filter to select files / dirs that should not be parsed (many -e can be used). (default: [])
-i, --input <input>                      Input/source dirname. (default: [])
-o, --output <output>                    Output dirname. (default: "./doc/")
-t, --template <template>                Template to use for output files. Can be a path or a template type available. (default: "default.md")
-d, --data                               Return data files. (default: false)
-c, --config <config>                    Path to directory containing config file (apidoc.json). (default: "./")
-v, --verbose                            Verbose debug output.
--debug                                  Show debug messages.

Available templates can be found in templates directory.


Please create a new issue if you have a suggestion/question or if you found a problem/bug.


ApiDoc-markdown is a collaborative project. Pull requests are welcome. Please see the CONTRIBUTING file.


  • [ ] Improve gitbook template
  • [ ] Write Automated tests
  • [ ] Create a index file with all links of routes
  • [ ] Write a example
  • [ ] One file per route feature

Don't hesitate to suggest any feature you would like by creating an issue or a pull request.


The MIT license


  • At apiDoc for the awesome apiDoc-core module
  • At rigwild for its huge work on the apiDoc-markdown module

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