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$ cnpm install @marvinc.silva/sat 
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Samples As Templates

In a node project is common to have a folder structure where files follow some naming convention, to avoid copying and pasting on the folder's name and files you could type sat to use samples as templates

$ yarn global add @marvinc.silva/sat

Test it by checking the version

$ sat --version

You can also install it on the current project, for developers only.

$ yarn add @marvinc.silva/sat --dev

In this case you'll need to refer to the bin folder

$ node_modules/.bin/sat --version


This project is a work in progess, therefore, it only worries about happy scenarios, so there aren't any exception handling and somethings will change for sure.

We welcome suggestions as issues on github.

How to start using it

On your project's package.json file create an object sat, its keys will be considered as 'the name of your samples', and the value the sample itself.

  "sat": {
    "sampleA": "path\to\file.js",
    "sampleB": path\to\directory


To duplicate a sample use:

sat use [sample] [name]

You can list all commands from the command line with:

sat list


sat create [sample]
sat delete [sample]

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