A multiplatform geocoder with structured and freeform methods
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$ cnpm install @maplink/maplink-geocoder 
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Maplink Geocoder

Maplink Geocoder is a wrapper for consuming the Maplink Geooding API. The responses are implemented using Bluebird promises.

For further information about the Maplink Geocoding API, please access http://dev.maplink.com.br.

Maplink Geocoder at this version works only for Brazil


For creating an instance of the Maplink Geocoder, you must have a Token or a ClientKey and ClientSecret.

Instance Initialization

// If you have the token
const geocoder = require ('@maplink/maplink-geocoder')('<token>');
// or
// if you have the client secret and the key
const geocoder = require ('@maplink/maplink-geocoder')('<secret>', '<key>');

Geocode (Structured)

You must pass a JSON in the geocode parameters. For the parameter options, take a look at this link.

// Structured geocode
    'streetName': 'Rua Fidêncio Ramos',
    'houseNumber': '343',
    'state': 'SP',
    'city': 'São Paulo',
    'country': 'BRA'

Search (Free form)

You must pass an address string in the search parameters.

// Free form search
geocoder.search('Avenida Paulista').then(...).catch(...);


  • Geocode for all Latin America
  • Geocode for Europe
  • Batch geocode and search
  • Normalize responses

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