Node.js module to poll skyscanner live prices
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$ cnpm install @mankintong/node-skyscanner-live 
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This Node.js module provides a simplified call to poll Skyscanner Live Prices.


npm insall @mankintong/node-skyscanner-live --save


Require this library and set the API key. You can get your API key by signing into the Skyscanner Business Portal.

var skyscanner = require('skyscanner');

Use getLocation function to retrieve a well-formatted location ID. This ID will be used for fetching flight ticket prices.

skyscanner.getLocation('hong').then(function (data) {

Results is shown below:

[ { id: 'HKG-sky', name: 'Hong Kong International' },
  { id: 'SHA-sky', name: 'Shanghai Hongqiao' },
  { id: 'HGN-sky', name: 'Mae Hong Son' },
  { id: 'PYY-sky', name: 'Pai (Mae Hong Son)' },
  { id: 'HPG-sky', name: 'Hongping' },
  { id: 'AHJ-sky', name: 'Aba/Hongyuan' },
  { id: 'PVG-sky', name: 'Shanghai Pu Dong' },
  { id: 'HGH-sky', name: 'Hangzhou' },
  { id: 'CKG-sky', name: 'Chongqing' },
  { id: 'HU-sky', name: 'Hungary' } ]

Use search function to poll Skyscanner's API and get a list of air tickets. Since this is on-demand real-time search, the time takes to execute this function varies. In Skyscanner's original API, you have to continuously polling a URL until the result JSON is fully proulated. This has caused complexities in handling Promise of waits, retries, together with logic to determine if API limit has been breached. This module has encapsulated all this in a simple function.

skyscanner.search('HKG-sky', 'LHR-sky', '2017-03-08', '2017-03-31').then(function (data) {

Results is shown below:

{ outbound: 
   { departTime: '2017-03-08T11:55:00',
     arriveTime: '2017-03-08T21:05:00',
     stops: 2,
     carriers: [ 'Aeroflot' ] },
   { departTime: '2017-03-31T10:40:00',
     arriveTime: '2017-04-01T09:45:00',
     stops: 2,
     carriers: [ 'Aeroflot' ] },
  price: 6446,
  url: 'http://partners.api.skyscanner.net/apiservices/deeplink/v2?_cje=xxx' }

More Details

Skyscanner API Documentation


This is a part of the work done in Hong Kong #1 Bot Hackathon organized by Recime.io. I and my teammates built a chatbot to suggest tourist attractions and find cheapest flight tickets. We have become of the winning teams.

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