Serverless Framework - Build web, mobile and IoT applications with serverless architectures using AWS Lambda, Azure Functions, Google CloudFunctions & more
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Serverless Application Framework AWS Lambda API Gateway

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The Serverless Framework – Build applications comprised of microservices that run in response to events, auto-scale for you, and only charge you when they run. This lowers the total cost of maintaining your apps, enabling you to build more logic, faster.

The Framework uses new event-driven compute services, like AWS Lambda, Google CloudFunctions, and more. It's a command line tool, providing scaffolding, workflow automation and best practices for developing and deploying your serverless architecture. It's also completely extensible via plugins.

Serverless is an MIT open-source project, actively maintained by a full-time, venture-backed team. Get started quickly by watching the video guide here.

Enjoy! - Serverless, Inc.


Quick Start

Watch the video guide here or follow the steps below to create and deploy your first serverless microservice in minutes.

Step Command Description
1. npm install -g serverless@beta Install Serverless CLI
2. mkdir my-first-service && cd my-first-service Create the project directory
3. Create a default AWS profile, if you don't have one set locally Connect Serverless with your provider
4. serverless create --template aws-nodejs Create an AWS Lamdba function in Node.js
5. serverless deploy Deploy to live AWS account
6. serverless invoke --function hello run the live API endpoint

Run serverless remove to clean up this function from your account.


  • Supports Node.js, Python & Java.
  • Manages the lifecycle of your serverless architecture (build, deploy, update, delete).
  • Deploys to AWS Lambda, Azure Functions (WIP), Google CloudFunctions (WIP), IBM OpenWhisk (WIP) & more.
  • Safely deploy functions, events and their required resources together via provider resource managers (e.g., AWS CloudFormation).
  • Functions can be grouped ("serverless services") for easy management of code, resources & processes, across large projects & teams.
  • Minimal configuration and scaffolding.
  • Built-in support for multiple stages.
  • Optimized for CI/CD workflows.
  • Loaded with automation, optimization and best practices.
  • 100% Extensible: Extend or modify the Framework and its operations via Plugins.
  • An ecosystem of serverless services and plugins.
  • A passionate and welcoming community!



We love our contributors! Please read our Contributing Document to learn how you can start working on the Framework yourself.

Check out our help-wanted or help-wanted-easy labels to find issues we want to move forward on with your help.




Ryan Pendergast

Eslam λ Hefnawy

Egor Kislitsyn

Kamil Burzynski

Ryan Brown

Erik Erikson

Joost Farla

David Wells

Frank Schmid

Jacob Evans

Philipp Muens

Jared Short

Jordan Mack


Aaron Boushley

Michael Haselton


Alexandre Saiz Verdaguer

Florian Motlik

Kenneth Falck


Martin Lindenberg

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Mikael Puittinen

Jeremy Wallace

Jonathan Nuñez

Nick den Engelsman

Kazato Sugimoto

Matthew Chase Whittemore

Joe Turgeon

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Lauri Svan

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Moshe Weitzman

Potekhin Kirill


Ryu Tamaki

Nicolas Grenié

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Kevin Old


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Alex Casalboni

Marko Grešak

Derek van Vliet

Michael Friis

Stephen Crosby


These consultants use the Serverless Framework and can help you build your serverless projects.


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Previous Serverless Version 0.5.x

Below are projects and plugins relating to version 0.5 and below. Note that these are not compatible with v1.0 but we are working diligently on updating them. Guide on building v1.0 plugins

You can read the v0.5.x documentation at readme.io.

v0.5.x Projects

Serverless Projects are shareable and installable. You can publish them to npm and install them via the Serverless Framework CLI by using $ serverless project install <project-name>

v0.5.x Plugins

Serverless is composed of Plugins. A group of default Plugins ship with the Framework, and here are some others you can add to improve/help your workflow:

  • Meta Sync - Securely sync your the variables in your project's _meta/variables across your team.
  • Offline - Emulate AWS Lambda and Api Gateway locally to speed up your development cycles.
  • Hook Scripts - Easily create shell script hooks that are run whenever Serverless actions are executed.
  • CORS - Adds support for CORS (Cross-origin resource sharing).
  • Serve - Simulate API Gateway locally, so all function calls can be run via localhost.
  • Webpack - Use Webpack to optimize your Serverless Node.js Functions.
  • Serverless Client - Deploy and config a web client for your Serverless project to S3.
  • Alerting - This Plugin adds Cloudwatch Alarms with SNS notifications for your Lambda functions.
  • Optimizer - Optimizes your code for performance in Lambda. Supports coffeeify, babelify and other transforms
  • CloudFormation Validator - Adds support for validating your CloudFormation template.
  • Prune - Delete old versions of AWS lambdas from your account so that you don't exceed the code storage limit.
  • Base-Path - Sets a base path for all API Gateway endpoints in a Component.
  • Test - A Simple Integration Test Framework for Serverless.
  • SNS Subscribe - This plugin easily subscribes your lambda functions to SNS notifications.
  • JSHint - Detect errors and potential problems in your Lambda functions.
  • ESLint - Detect errors and potential problems in your Lambda functions using eslint.
  • Mocha - Enable test driven development by creating test cases when creating new functions
  • Function-Package - Package your lambdas without deploying to AWS.
  • Sentry - Automatically send errors and exceptions to Sentry.
  • Auto-Prune - Delete old AWS Lambda versions.
  • Serverless Secrets - Easily encrypt and decrypt secrets in your Serverless projects
  • Serverless DynamoDB Local - Simiulate DynamoDB instance locally.
  • Serverless Dependency Install - Manage node, serverless dependencies easily within the project.

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