Express middleware for Samsung Smart TV (Orsay) app uploader
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$ cnpm install @maginetv/express-orsay 
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Express Orsay

Toolkit for Orsay development that includes express middleware and command line tools to help you with uploading of directories or package zipfiles to your Samsung Smart TV (Orsay).


npm install -g @maginetv/express-orsay


Usage: express-orsay [options] [command]

Samsung Smart Tv (Orsay) App Service


  -V, --version    output the version number
  -u, --url <url>  set public url to application zip file (default:
  -h, --help       output usage information


  directory [path]   service that expose a local directory as a zip file and widgetlist.xml
  zipfile <zipfile>  service that expose specified zipfile and widgetlist.xml
  logger             start debug logger

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