The Error module powers the error handling features of the Magic Batua.
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$ cnpm install @magic.batua/error 
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Magic Error


Handles all the error handling needs of the Magic Batua platform.

How to work with this module

  1. Clone the repository to your computer.

  2. Open Terminal (Command Prompt on Windows), cd to the project folder and type npm install. This would install all the NPM dependencies for this project, and transpile the Typescript code to JavaScript. Don't close the Terminal window.

  3. Next, type the following in the Terminal window: npm test. This would run all the unit test that I've written for this particular module. If all tests pass, you've got a fully working Account module in front you.

  4. To get a sense of the code structure, I'd recommend consulting the Code Manual. Code Manual is a local site that gets generated from the documentation comments I've left in the source code. To generate Code Manual on your computer, open the Terminal, cd to the project root and run npm run code-manual.

  5. You should now have a Code Manual folder at your project root. Open the index.html file in the folder in your favourite browser and enjoy the ride.

  6. Make sure you commit any changes made to the source code at regular intervals, and sync the changes back to the Bitbucket origin repository.


For queries, you can write to Animesh at hello@animesh.ltd. Make sure you have read this before firing off a bug report.

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