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MachineLabs CLI

This is the CLI for the MachineLabs platform. This project is currently under rapid development. More commands will be added and existing commands are likely to change as we flesh things out.


To install the CLI globally on your system either use yarn or npm as follows:

yarn global add @machinelabs/cli


npm install -g @machinelabs/cli


Here's a list of currently available commands. You can alway run ml --help to retrieve this list.

Usage: ml [options] [command]


    -V, --version  output the version number
    -h, --help     output usage information


    login            Login to MachineLabs
    logout           Log the CLI out from MachineLabs
    push [options]   Push current directory as a lab 
    pull [options]   Pull existing lab to your local file system
    init [options]   Initialize current directory as lab

Notes for Developers of the CLI

How to get this running locally

  1. Setup your firebase cloud functions with a service account

In case you need to create a fresh service account file go to:

console.firebase.google.com > Project Settings > Service Accouts > Firebase Admin SDK

Run firebase use <my-fb> followed by `firebase functions:config:set fb_service_account="$(cat service-account.json)"

Where service-account.json looks like this:

  "private_key": "YOUR-PRIVATE-KEY",
  "client_email": "YOUR-CLIENT-EMAIL"

You'll also have to redeploy firebase for that to take into effect

  1. Add environment.personal.ts next to environment.staging.ts

  2. Make sure that the mlDomain property is set to http://localhost:4200

  3. Build the project with yarn run build:personal

  4. In order to make the ml command globally available, run yarn global add /absolute/path/to/cli. Here it's important that the path is absolute because a relative path like ./ doesn't work.

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